We understand the importance of ensuring that clients (both private and listed companies) in compliance with a wide range of legal and regulatory compliance obligations. Our lawyers are able to assist clients in identifying and dealing with regulatory and compliance risks.


Our expertise in this area includes:


• Providing post-listing compliance advice


• Maintaining sound corporate governance in compliance with regulatory       requirements


• Representing clients with their SFC and Hong Kong Stock Exchange                 inquiries


Our lawyers have a deep understanding of PRC law, and have represented a variety of PRC state-owned and private companies in a wide range of matters, including corporate and commercial matters, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings and regulatory compliance matters. We have lawyers that are qualified in the PRC and are able to provide you with professional and expert advice on PRC matters.


Our expertise in this area includes:


• Setting up foreign investment enterprises in the PRC


• Cross border acquisitions, including acquiring equities or assets of PRC companies


• License applications in the PRC, including leasing, securities, internet related, education licenses applications


• Debt related transactions, including lending to PRC companies and remitting RMB overseas from the PRC


• PRC companies’ overseas investment, including acquisition of foreign companies, business or assets


• PRC companies’ overseas fund raising, in a way of syndicate loans, bond issue etc. with or without keepwell or guarantees


• Tax advising, PRC related tax planning